AI Marketing Training New Zealand
AI Marketing Training New Zealand

Your Virtual AI Team Awaits You! - Your 'VAIA'

At DMA, Victoria Ludemann has coined the term ‘VAIA’ which stands for ‘Virtual Artificial Intelligence Assistants’ – a term not used anywhere else! Why? Because never has it been easier to have instant affordable team available at your fingertips than with AI! Once you have done the AI Marketing Training with DMA you will instantly have a team that you originally (or currently) pay money to, to do this work for you. Having run her own Web Studios in the past the following team was needed for a complete A Small Business Enterprise solution:-

  1. A Researcher – Keywords & Competitor Analysis

  2. An experienced Strategist – to devise Marketing Campaigns

  3. A Designer to do all the creatives – images, logos, graphics, banners, web design, etc

  4. A Programmer to do the backend coding of the websites and specific functionality

  5. A Copywriter to create compelling SEO enriched copy for websites, social posts, blog posts, directory listings, ads, video script, sales copy, landing pages, emails and more

  6. A Search Engine Optimisation Specialist to ensure you get found in the Search Engines

  7. Paid Ads Specialists

  8. Photographers and in some cases

  9. Videographers.

    But now ALL of those (pretty much) can be your VAIASYOUR OWN PERSONAL VIRTUAL ARTIFICIAL INTELLENCE ASSISTANTS TEAM and available in the blink of an eye 24/7 – you just have to know how to train them! After doing DMA’s coursesYou/Your designated Marketing staff member/s can be the in-house Agency Director with a full team at your disposal. Cost? Practically nothing! Speed? Quick as a flash. Quality - outstanding if trained right!

    What’s not to like?

    Explore the course options now to see what best suits your needs.