woman sitting on brown wooden chair while using silver laptop computer in room
woman sitting on brown wooden chair while using silver laptop computer in room


AI Marketing Course for Start-ups – All you need to know! From Zero to Hero!

This AI Marketing Training is geared specifically for SME's & Start-ups, not necessarily in tourism. This will enable you to get up and running as quickly and as cost -effectively as possible!

Modules include:-

  1. Find Your Business 'Why' & What?
    - Get clear on what you want to do and why
    - Using AI to get business ideas

  2. AI for Branding
    - Design your own unique logo with this great tool

  3. AI for Website Creation
    - Extremely cost-effective basic websites - great for start-ups who don't want anything complicated and just want to test the market or if you're starting a side-line hustle without the enormous expense of design and programming fees.

  4. AI for Keywords
    - Learn 4 top tools to find keywords that help your business be found in the Search Engine and can be used on all digital platforms.

  5. AI for Copywriting with ChatGPT
    - Prompts what are they and how to use them

    Use AI to craft copy for:-
    - Websites
    - Landing Pages
    - Articles and Blog Posts
    - Copy on 3rd Party Sites ie Directories & Listings

    All optimised for the Search Engines so it can be found!

  6. AI for Social Media Copy
    - Write engaging optimised copy with ChatGPT in a flash
    - Facebook
    - Instagram
    - Hashtags & Emojis

  7. AI for Paid Search
    - Google Ads
    - Facebook/IG Ads
    - Write Headlines that Hook
    - Text that performs
    - Ads that convert

  8. AI for Design/Images
    - Best Image Prompt Tactics
    - Demo of 3 of the top most popular Image Creating & Editing Apps
    - Bulk Image Creation using ChatGPT and a Popular Imaging App

  9. AI for Video
    - Writing Video Script
    - Getting Transcripts
    - Transcript conversion to article format
    - Captions
    - Demo of 3 of the most popular AI Video tools

  10. AI for Social Media Campaigns
    - Relevant Campaign Prompting
    - Campaign Ideation
    - Campaign Strategy Suggestions
    - Campaign Content Creation

  11. AI for Email Marketing
    - Write compelling E-newsletters
    - Come up with E-mail sequencing months in advance together with each email content

  12. AI Social Media Management & Other Useful Tools
    - Popular Scheduling Tools and
    - Probably the best Prompting Tool available in the market.

This Course is Available in the following formats:-
1) As live in-person group or one-on-one training - travel and accommodation costs do apply.
2) As Live on-line Zoom as group or one-on-one training
3) In recorded format via DMA's - AI Marketing Club

Payment Options:-
1) Stripe Payments accepted so CC's can be used
2) Up to 3 installment plans which need to be paid in full before the Course commences
3) Full payment on-line or wired to designated DMA account.
4) Your most cost-effective option is to become a Professional AI Marketing Club Member which includes this course FOR FREE - go to The AI Marketing Club to find out more!

If you are member of the Regional Business Partners Network you meet all their criteria, you may be eligible for up to 50% of this course being funded by RBPN and the balance 50% by yourself or your company. (Not available for the Professional AI Marketing Club Subscription - this is only for full payments just for the standalone course.)

If you are interested in this course and want full details on inclusions or you're interested in your options' please go to DMA's - AI Marketing Club to find out more!