black and purple computer keyboard
black and purple computer keyboard


AI for Facebook and Instagram

This AI Marketing Training is geared specifically to compress time and to getting quality output for both Facebook and Instagram.

The following modules are included: -

  1. AI for Keywords
    - Learn about 3 top tools to find keywords that help your business be found in the Search Engine and can be used on all digital platforms.

  2. AI for Social Media Copy
    - Write engaging optimised copy with ChatGPT in a flash
    - Facebook
    - Instagram
    - Hashtags & Emojis

  3. AI for Paid Search
    - Facebook/IG Ads
    - Write Headlines that Hook
    - Text that performs
    - 322 Method
    - Ads that convert

  4. AI for Design/Images
    - Best Image Prompt Tactics
    - Demo of 3 of the top most popular Image Creating & Editing Apps
    - Bulk Image Creation using ChatGPT and a Popular Imaging App

  5. AI for Video
    - Writing Video Script
    - Getting Transcripts
    - Transcript conversion to article format
    - Captions
    - Slicing
    - Quote card creation
    - Audio Editing & Enhancements – eg Remove background noise, Studio Sound, etc
    - Demo of 3 of the most popular AI Video tools

This Course is Available in the following formats:-
1) As live in-person group or one-on-one training - travel and accommodation costs do apply.
2) As Live on-line Zoom as group or one-on-one training
3) In recorded format (from 1 November 2023).

Payment Options:-
1) Stripe Payments accepted so CC's can be used
2) Up to 3 installment plans which need to be paid in full before the Course commences
3) Full payment online or wired to designated DMA account.

If you are member of the Regional Business Partners Network and you meet all their criteria you may be eligible for up to 50% of this course being funded by RBPN and the balance 50% by yourself or your company.

If you are interested in this course, pricing or have questions why not reach out? We're happy to help!